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Training Workshops

Signature Training Workshop for Workforce Well-Being

This stand-alone program is delivered in person, at your work site or at an off-site location you provide.  The overarching objectives are (1) to provide organizational leadership with a fun opportunity to demonstrate their genuine care and interest in the personal growth and development of their workforce, (2) to motivate employees to modify their behaviors toward greater well-being and (3) to provide employees with a decision-making philosophy and framework to effectively integrate and incorporate information and outcomes from other sources of well-being learning.

This participant-oriented, experiential workshop is designed to catalyze changes in thinking and action towards a higher quality of life.   It introduces thought provoking concepts, encourages sharing and discussion of ideas, and guides action toward improving quality of life outcomes.  Participants will be introduced to quality by design principles and how they can be applied successfully to align their work and home life objectives. They will leave the workshop equipped with the tools necessary to adopt a model of continuous improvement for their well-being and they will be motivated to do so by what they learn.


Attending this workshop will give participants an opportunity to:

  • Gain an advanced understanding of what defines well-being and how it is measured
  • Learn that planning for quality is the first step in designing a higher quality of life
  • Understand that freedom in decision-making is the greatest power to achieve well-being
  • Reflect on how they feel about their past, present and future quality of life
  • Identify areas of their life that need greater time investment
  • Develop a personal action plan and take away tools that will foster continued well-being

A clear, succinct, well-organized slide presentation is used introduce topics and facilitate learning through interactive group activities and self-assessment tools.  Participants will be guided to develop a personalized action plan to focus first on what matters most for them in both their personal and their work lives.

The overall experience will also promote understanding of concepts more broadly beneficial to the organization by allowing participants to:

  • Discover that similarities and shared interests help to bring us together
  • Realize that differences and diversity are valuable and strengthen an organization
  • Understand the link between healthy relationships, trust and well-being
  • Recognize the inter-dependency between individual and collective well-being

Executive Workshop for Organizational Leaders

This fast paced, 90 minute session is designed for higher level decision makers involved in translating an organization’s commitment to well-being, into practice.  It is designed as an experiential training tool but it can also be used a cost-effective way to “test drive” the Life Quality by Design, LLC approach and help human resource staff get genuine leadership buy-in.    This workshop targets an audience of experienced managers and executives to efficiently and effectively communicate the core concepts of the longer, Signature Training Workshop which is designed as training experience for the broader workforce population.  In short, the Executive Workshop gives the organization’s leaders a chance to experience the universal applicability of a quality by design approach to developing well-being for themselves and employees at all levels in the organization.

Consulting Services

Design and Maintenance of a Comprehensive Well-Being Program

Organizational well-being assessments

Whether your organization has an existing well-being program or is starting from scratch, it is important to conduct a high-level assessment of the organization’s current state of well-being.  At this phase, the consultant will ask to “sample the workforce population” and talk privately to people, face-to-face.  Short, confidential interviews are key and they can quickly reveal valuable information about the impact on well-being that is contributed by the organization’s:

  • Physical environment
  • Social environment
  • Work culture
  • Policies and procedures

The outcomes from this exercise will drive the next steps in well-being program development.


Development and augmentation of a comprehensive well-being program

Developing an effective, comprehensive well-being program must simultaneously take into consideration the needs of the organization and the needs of the workforce.  This process begins with correctly identifying and communicating what their respective needs are and performing a gap analysis.  Although the size and nature of the organization will dictate how that process will be conducted, all organizations will need to identify key cost drivers and listen carefully to understand the workforce needs as articulated by the employees themselves.  The process will also include the creation of a “wellness team” that will be responsible for the budget, operations and logistic related decisions associated with the program development and implementation.

The design of a comprehensive well-being program stems from the needs assessments and gap analysis and takes into consideration the resources, including time and money, that have been allocated to it.  Development of metrics and a plan to monitor well-being program effectiveness sets the stage for determining the elements of the well-being program design.  The impetus from Life Quality by Design, LLC consulting is always to “focus first on what matters most” to your organization and your workforce.

Customized Workshops

Both the Executive and Signature Workshops are excellent “off-the-shelf” products that provide training options that will fit within the tightening budgets of many organizations.  They serve as reasonably priced stand-alone training sessions.  However, for organizations that come to us with very specific or unique needs we may recommend a customized version of our standard workshops. In some cases, the success of the off-shelf product may generate greater interest or reveal opportunities for additional custom built workshops, activities or events that can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Facilitated development and implementation of individual life quality improvement plans

Life Quality by Design, LLC does not offer traditional coaching or licensed therapy services.  Our programs are designed for self-directed development and implementation of life quality plans. While some participants may augment their development through the services of other providers, our main goal is to provide all workshop participants with simple tools to independently motivate successful actions.   However, upon request, we may offer a limited number of private sessions to help individuals facilitate development of a personalized plan.  Sessions can either be in person and on-site (for individuals or groups up to 6) or one-on-one via Skype from any location.

Wellness championing

Wellness champions are typically internal to an organization.  They are the employees who make “day-to-day” efforts to help the well-being program team cultivate a culture of health and happiness at work.  These champions are essentially tasked with helping to energize the workforce from a quality of life perspective.   Sometimes it makes sense to bring in an external wellness champion, someone who can help energize the internal wellness champions or the workforce as a whole.  Examples of such services include motivational speaking, participation in organizational meetings pertaining to well-being programs, or contribution to special event activities such as motivation and training for organization sponsored walks, bike rides or runs.

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