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“There is only one success, to be able to spend life in your own way”

 – Christopher Morely

Life Quality By Design – Workforce Development Training & Consulting

Life Quality by Design, LLC provides cost effective training and consulting services to organizations seeking to develop and maintain a comprehensive workforce development program to foster employee well-being and engagement.

Core Beliefs

Employees will be motivated to advance the mission of an organization when they are emotionally invested in its success.  Employees care about their work when they think that their contribution to the organization has a positive impact and they feel that the leaders of the organization value them on a personal level.   Successful organizations recognize that healthy relationships are foundational in building and maintaining the attachment of its workforce to the workplace.   They further understand that the mental and physical health of their employees greatly influences both workforce attachment and its productivity and that investment in well-being is a valuable provision to all stakeholders– employees, their families, the organization as a whole, and the customers and communities they serve.

Guiding Philosophy

Time is the universal currency of life.  How we choose to invest our time affects both our standard of living and our quality of living—that is, our access to the resources we need to survive and the way we feel about our life experiences.   Well-being is achieved when we are empowered and informed to make good decisions for ourselves in all aspects of life.  There is primacy in human autonomy but we must cultivate healthy self-interest. To survive and thrive, we must fulfill our own needs while maintaining appropriate empathy and responsibility to work productively with others and together advance the mission of the organizations we choose to work for. To that end, an effective, comprehensive well-being program encourages self-discovery, promotes life-long learning pertaining to well-being and provides ongoing opportunities for the entire workforce to improve relationship and time management skills.  Experiential aspects of the program should also be designed to strengthen inter-employee and employee-workplace attachments and to foster a culture of mutual trust.

Bioengineering Inspired Approach

Organizations, like the people that form them and the societies they exist within, are dynamic systems.  From a well-being perspective, living systems are best viewed as both the cause of change and the effect of change.   In simple terms, living systems transform the energy of the sun into chemical, kinetic and thermal energy generating work product and waste in the process.  By analogy, organizations transform their employee’s physical and mental energy into a product or service.   We are each uniquely exposed and attuned to the individual and collective effects produced by every human that has inhabited this planet.

The first step to engineering an organization towards well-being is to recognize that quality of life objective must be embodied in its mission.   Once the needs of the organization and the workforce are understood, the next steps are to develop the appropriate metrics for evaluating well-being and then identify the most important factors that influence it for your workforce and your organization.  The last step is to design a comprehensive program to meet the needs of the organization and foster workforce well-being.  It is important to consider current “best practices” in workplace well-being initiatives but there really is no “one size fits all” approach.

Life Quality by Design, LLC provides cost effective training and efficient program design strategies that derive from the Pareto principle and years of bioengineering experience.  Simply stated, we “focus first on what matters most” and then do our best to help identify and quickly test the cheapest, most rational approaches before an organization makes a huge investment or a commitment to a well-being program design.

New workshops are in the planning phase. Please check back for updates this fall!

I recently facilitated private leadership development workshops for executive teams at two community hospitals. Both events were well received by client participants:

  • “Nancy is an amazing teacher! She has a keen ability to bring the team together, clarify, problem solve and maintain the dignity of the team”
  • “Excellent team building experience”
  • “Glad you are tackling the world’s problems. If anyone can solve them, it would be you!”
  • “You made a difference in our group…you were outstanding.”

On May 16, 2019, Arlington Economic Development sponsored a Life Quality by Design, LLC workshop for small business owners at their headquarters.  (Download Flyer) Inspiring thoughts and enthusiastic praise from participants included the following:

  • “I really like the spending time assessment tool- it was suprising to me!”
  • “It was informative and helpful. I will share the time assessment tool with my newlywed son and daughter-in-law!”
  • “I enjoyed the workshop and appreciated the opportunity to reflect on the aspects of my life and business that could be improved.”
  • “All tools and topics were very relevant to understanding my quality of life”
  • “A very useful workshop!”

On April 4, 2018, the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity sponsored a Life Quality by Design, LLC workshop for small business owners held at the Fairfax Business Center in Annandale VA. Here is what a few of the participants had to say about this 2-hour experiential workshop entitled “Avoid Burnout and Achieve Well-being Through Work-Life Alignment”: “This session was great! Thank you!” “I recognized the connection between health and financial security.  It was useful to be honest about how I have been spending my time in a given day” “Great workshop!  Thank you!” “Excellent job!  I am compelled to focus on what matters most.” 

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